Pittsburgh Jewish Music Festival

2011 Season - "Fables and Legends"

The 2011 Festival, "Fables and Legends” (June 2-13) explored some of the most famous folk tales from Jewish lore as told through music for film and theater.

Highlights included a screening of  the 1920 German classic silent film “The Golem” with live score, and rarely heard incidental music to the biblical play “Jacob and Rachel” and the Yiddish play “The Dybbuk”, performed by actors in new English translations and arrangements.

Live Audio Samples (excerpts):

Ben Steinberg: Three Songs

Damian Bursill-Hall, flute
Gretchen Van Hoesen, harp
Marylene Gingras-Roy, viola


Joel Engel: The Dybbuk Suite

Ron Samuels, clarinet

Daniel Andai and Laura Motchalov, violins

Marylene Gingras-Roy, viola   Aron Zelkowicz, cello

John Moore, bass     George Willis, percussion